Get Fit with a “Pep Talk” Article from Shape Magazine


When you’re struggling through that last mile or those final few reps, cheer yourself on. Encouraging words can help you exercise significantly longer, according to a new study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. People who said mantras to themselves boosted their endurance and also reported that their workouts felt easier. The key is to have different messages for each stage of your session, says study coauthor Anthony Blanchfield: “Try something motivational at the beginning and middle, then say a phrase about pushing through discomfort at the end.” Statements as simple as “I’m feeling good” and “stay strong” can offer just the lift you need.


Eat Mindfully by Cooking Light Magazine

‘Tis the season to find that evanescent, tricky balance between feasting with family and friends and remaining aware and in control. Cooking Light Magazine brings us these Top 4 Strategies for Balancing Your Relationships with Food … 

1.  Listen to your body.  “Food affects your energy.  Whether you’re listening or not, your body gives you instant information when you eat.  I know within the first couple of minutes I eat something if it’s giving energy or draining it.  Mindfulness of the body is something hardly anyone has.  It takes practice.  Your body is there to you that information, but most people don’t listen to it.  They don’t want to.”

2.  Evaluate your satisfaction.  Stop halfway through eating, and rate how you feel.  “There’s a difference between satisfied and full,” Roth says.  When rich holiday treats are all around, it’s especially important to enjoy mindfully, find satisfaction, and then stop.

3.   Stop Multitasking.  “Eating while doing something else prevents you from being truly satisfied with what you eat, so you keep going for more.  When you’re mindful, you’re not doing other things – you don’t have the attention to spare.  Allow yourself to have the food and enjoy it.”  In party season, you don’t have to insert food into every moment of every social event.  Mind your food; then mind your friends

4.  Focus on what you have.  ‘Many people eat because they are focusing on what they don’t have, feeling there’s constantly something missing.  They look to food to fill that hunger.”  Roth is talking about gratitude here, thankfulness, and the presence of mind to avoid the easy substitute of food or alcohol.  One thing to be thankful for this season, of course, is food itself – not a contradiction if you can consume it mindfully, moderately, and with thanks.

Have a Happy Holidays from Pacific Lipo!