Gynecomastia – Chest Reduction With Pacific Lipo

Many men struggle with enlarged breasts, also known as gynecomastia. It can be very difficult for these individuals to lose the fat with just diet or exercise. This emasculating look can be embarrassing for men, whether their shirt is on or off. The liposculpture procedure is able to permanently remove the fat cells in this area and significantly reduce the breast size. This patient lost 3 inches from his chest shortly after his procedure. Results continued to improve as his body heals and swelling decreases.

Rod Davis Pacific Lipo Chest

I had a chest reduction procedure and I am very happy with the result!! . . . I highly recommend them – two [thumbs] up!!

-Frank from Santa Monica, CA

Visit Pacific Lipo for more Before and After Photos of the male chest.

Before and after photos shown on this website are of actual patients of Pacific Lipo. Procedures were performed by our Liposculpture Specialist, Rod Davis, Professional Physician Assistant.

2 thoughts on “Gynecomastia – Chest Reduction With Pacific Lipo

  1. Pacific liposculpture,

    What can I say but amazing!!!!!!!
    I took steroids for years due to cancer & gained alot of weight.. Pacific lipo transformed my body & made me feel beautiful again.. The staff Is amazing and so caring. I’ve had my abs, arms, face, & back done.. I’m going back for more.. I felt very little pain and discomfort.. The after care was all in the package that was provided by the office.. I well recommend Pacific Lipo to anyone..

    • Selwa,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s important to everyone at Pacific Lipo that our patients have a great experience and smoother recovery. We’re happy to hear that you are pleased with your results and for your recommendation. Please be sure to call our office any time you have questions!

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